There are three sections in the video. Firstly, series of black-and-white photocopies come to life through the process of stop-motion photography. Repeating and disintegrating patterns of (sometimes) recognisable images move in loops across a monochrome workshop floor, alluding to the hypnotic visual effect of locomotion upon a train passenger. Secondly there is followed a middle section using stop-motion photography of the Dublin landscape to continue the sensation of movement. Finally there is a closing section in which time-lapse photography of Polaroid photographs developing sees images form over time.

The primary inspiration for the film is the WH Auden poem titled “Night Mail” (1936). The film is an attempt to visually convey the heart of that poem while creating an emotional and visual impact in parallel with the the music. Auden’s poem was written specifically for a film of the same name produced by John Grierson depicting a train journey delivering mail around England and Scotland. The rhythmical quality in the poem alludes to the movement of a train.
As well as being a work that experiments with techniques of generating images through a repetitive, systematic process, the video also explores the theme of memory, loss and renewal.
The last line in Auden’s Night Mail reads: “For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?” This line is really the starting point for the film. Structurally and visually, I decided to employ a visual metaphor in which images disintegrated at the opening, and re-formed at the ending.

Music Video

“Scorpio” by Jape

Richard Gilligan

Cathy Coughlan

Cathy Coughlan & Allina Lindroos

Riggers / Video Technicians:
Graham Lambkin & Peter Symes

Costume Design:
Renate Henschke

Elizabeth Brennan

Props Assistant:
Liadain Aikeen

Helena Egri


Cine Electric

Special Thanks:
Ben, David, Gary for Zee photo, Leda, Nena, Richard, Sean & Yvette & Aoife at SouthStudios, Shane at EventServ

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